KTM 1190 Adventure

KTM 1190 Adventure: Touratech accessories for the power-puncher from Mattighofen
It plays in the premier league of its class, aims to set new standards, and will particularly appeal to the sport touring enthusiasts: the KTM 1190 Adventure, also available in an off-road oriented R version. Packing 150 hp yet weighing only 230 kg when fully fuelled, featuring a high level of comfort and state-of-the-art assistance systems, this machine is a challenger to the dominant position held by the GS. Whether for road trips or extreme touring, everyday use or trail riding, Touratech offers a large selection of tailor-made accessories for this power-puncher from Mattighofen, ranging from adapters for GPS devices to the ZEGA Pro pannier system. As always at Touratech, the special parts for the KTM 1190 Adventure / R have been extensively tested before going on sale – not least by Austrian adventurer Joe Pichler on his “Africa Extreme” tour (www.josef-pichler.at). Whether a headlight protector with quick release fasteners (available in black or orange), chain guard or exceptionally strong engine guard, Touratech accessories not only prevent expensive damage to your bike, they also accentuate its appearance. For a more comfortable ride over long distances, Touratech offers seats in various different heights and types, *Works* long-distance foot pegs, and a handlebar riser that gives a much more relaxed seating position. Anyone who often rides their KTM on rough terrain will be quick to appreciate the benefits of a mudguard riser, while the Touratech GPS mounting adapter makes it simple to secure your navigator for off-road conditions.
You can be sure that Touratech also offers luggage solutions of all types. These range from pillion, tail and tank bags to a luggage rack and Topcase rack, or a complete pannier system with a choice of 31/38 or 38/45 litre versions –also with the ZEGA Pro2 aluminium panniers. The specially designed Ambato Exp Rallye tank bag is a real highlight, with a discreet stripe in KTM orange.
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