Wolfgang Danner

Wolfgang Danner
49, TV Journalist, Germany
– romantically minded motorcyclist –
When I had my first bike in 1990, a Suzuki DR 750, I read every story and every book I could find on adventure motorcycle riding; I always found it regrettable that there were almost no films about adventure riding at that time, I’d have loved to watch something like that.
Later in 2002 I was working for a TV program about digital technology for the TV channel 3sat, a small international branch of ZDF, Second German Television. For our broadcast on June 17, I had invited Herbert Schwarz from Touratech to present a bike with lots of GPSs mounted to the handlebar, to show that GPS navigation was not limited to cars.
In the course of the evening while having the after-broadcast-drinks, Herbert told me that he had recently returned from a trip to Tibet where they had done some filming, that they would like to make a film about the trip, but also that he wasn’t really sure how to proceed with that project.
Well, I felt a dream come true. I told Herbert that I would like to make that film and this is basically how it all started.

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